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Welcome to my website!

This website is for hosting the sale of my Bushmaster 2003 and also some other paintball items under the Other Sales category. All the information you need about this, you can find on the website. Pictures, price, information, contact, and support. Thanks for looking!

Bushmaster information:

The BushMaster series is controlled by a small computer, housed in the frame of the 45 grip.  The computer interface allows us to do anything we want, therefore allowing you the player to get the performance you need to be MORE than competitive.

The BushMaster series comes standard with the most capabilities at the flick of a switch. (inside the grip) Go from semi-auto (single shot), 3 shot or 6 shot burst.   It even does FULL-AUTO!.  There are four separate modes to choose from.   Semi Auto, 3 shot, 6 shot burst or full-auto modes stops when the trigger is released, allowing single shot firing in any mode.  The on board R.O.F. is programmable through dip-switch configurations laid out in the manual.  No variable pots to keep you guessing.  Rate selection will give you 4 - 13 cycles per second.  All of this in a very affordable package will keep you at the top of the technological totem pole.

All of this powered by a single 9 volt battery and your compressed air system, what else could you ask for?

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Product Bushmaster:

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