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For sale:

Marker: Blue Bushmaster 2003
Condition: Good condition, great working, clean, teched, no scratches, like new.
Performance: Shoots fast, accurate, consistent, and cleanly.
Usage: Used for 2 tournaments only! Less then 6000 balls shot through the marker.
Specs: Sonic LPR, MacDev Red Valve, Gladiator HPR, Long Bullet Drop, Macro Setup, Detent Mod, Trigger adjusted, LPR-HPR set.
Notes: Comes with all stock parts. Comes with spare battery. All maintenance items included. *Prices are in Canadian Currency*
Bonus: Free shipping to anywhere in Canada! Comes with a stack of paintball magazines. Also included is a clear Evolution 2 loader!
Retail (Marker): $775.00
Retail (Package): $1300.00
Sale Price: $700.00
Savings: $650.00

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Very good deal! Read! Actual Pictures! Sale!