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News: Site/Team Updates!

The site has FINALLY been updated again!  Alot of our information was out of date and over the next few days I plan to update it with some new information such as:

*Corrupt Insanity has decided to change our name*
We are now known as simply Corrupt
Alot of us have bought new guns or atleast some upgrades for them since the last update, check the pictures section to see the newly added pics!
Alot of player information has also been update to reflect the changes in our Roster section.
We have offically been sponser by Merritt Paintball Games.
We are looking for a fifth player, tryouts will be held next season if a suitable player is not found before that time.
In a future update I plan to add:
A team picture
Pictures of Mike (once we get some)
Tournament results from When Two Worlds Collide
A picture of Mikes B2K3 (once Mike takes one)
A website Poll
A News Archive
More Pictures of us playing (next season)

We didn't lose the game we just ran out of players.